Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hulk Hogan Ready to Wrestle London

Hulk Hogan Ready to Wrestle London

Hulk Hogan Ready to Wrestle London, Cue "God Save the Queen." Wrestling royalty Hulk Hogan hit London this week to "compete" in the English capital for the first time in 18 years as part of a TNA event taking place on Saturday.Hulk's wife of a little over a year, Jennifer McDaniel, accompanied him across the pond and the two spent Wednesday out and about in the city, with Hogan even cuddling up with a local dog (whose leash, incidentally, perfectly coordinated with the Hulk's outfit).

While in the U.K., the pro wrestler also stopped by the talk show "London Tonight" where he confirmed the rumor that he may be updating his look in order to open himself up to acting roles. "I was thinking maybe if I shaved the mustache off and shave the head, maybe things might change," he said.

As for when the best time would be to retire, the 58-year-old admitted, "Well probably now, but the fans are so great and so much fun that it's a good time getting in there."

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