Monday, 30 January 2012

Son caught rooting against his NBA dad

Son caught rooting against his NBA dad

Son caught rooting against his NBA dad, Video: Carlos Boozer’s young son roots against his father, Chicago's Carlos Boozer might want to have a little chat with his family after this funny moment. The young children of NBA players lead weird lives. Given their fathers' jobs, they travel far more than most kids their age. Plus, on top of that, it all happens at an age when kids have a hard time keeping track of facts anyway. If a kid lives in one place, and his dad plays for a team in another city, it stands to reason he might get them confused.

That said, it's still pretty funny to think that the child of an NBA player could actually root against his dad. So, enjoy the clip above, in which the young son of Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer shouts "Let's Go Heat" along with the home crowd. The Boozers live in Miami, but several people among Junior Boozer's family and friends were wearing his father's jersey. So, for all we know, maybe he's young enough that he has no real idea who his father plays for. Weirder things have happened.

Whatever the case, you know for sure that the entire Boozer family will know which team to root for the next time it attends a game. Carlos is already suffering enough embarrassment with that beard of his, and moments like this one don't help.

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