Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Woman Marries Seattle Building

Woman Marries Seattle Building

Woman Marries Seattle Building, Woman 'weds' building, Woman 'marries' building, A very unique wedding in Seattle on Sunday afternoon as people came to witness the union of a woman - and a building. In order to save a building from demolition, a Babylonia Aivaz “married” it.

Aivaz said "I do" to the warehouse on 10th and Union on Capitol Hill. She said she fell in love with the 107-year-old building during an Occupy Seattle protest and doesn't want to see it torn down to make room for a brand-new apartment building.

"I hope that America wakes up and realizes that gentrification is a serous issue that affects poor people, especially people of color, and we really need to stand up and do something about what's happening in our neighborhoods all over the country," she said.

"When I look at this building I see a community center, I see a community art space, i see a homeless shelter, I see free childcare, I don't see a building, I see a space that can address all the needs of our neighborhood.”
The union will probably be pretty short-lived - demolition is already underway.

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