Thursday, 9 February 2012

HS team's remarkable court-length dunk

HS team's remarkable court-length dunk

HS team's remarkable court-length dunk, Oklahoma school scores court length dunk in game’s final second, Amazing Court-Length Dunk, An Oklahoma team figures out a way to go the entire length of the floor and get a slam in one second. How do you score on a dunk with one second on the clock and the ball on the baseline on the other end of the court? Believe it or not, the Vinita (Okla.) High boys basketball team figured out a way with this incredible pass.

As you can see in the video above, Vinita found itself facing an inbounds play under its own basket with just one second on the clock in the fourth quarter following a made free throw by Locust Grove (Okla.) High. The game was already a guaranteed win for Vinita -- the Hornets led 52-40 at the time -- but Vinita star Garret Maxey saw an opening to close the game with a flourish.

Instead of simply inbounding the ball and letting time run out, Maxey sent the ball downcourt on a near-court length baseball heave. The ball took one bounce just inside the free-throw line and bounced up toward the rim.

Because the clock wouldn't start until someone on the court made contact with the ball, Maxey's teammates were given the chance to catch up to the deep pass. Right on cue, fellow Vinita star Jake Bullard elevated toward the hoop, gathered the ball and sent it in with a decisive flush just before the final buzzer sounded.

The dunk capped an impressive night for Vinita, which improved to 16-3 on the season with its 10th win in a row. Still, the most impressive play of the game certainly was the finale -- particularly the spot perfect pass to set up the slam -- even though it didn't make a significant difference to the final outcome.

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