Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Lindsay Lohan's 'Saturday Night Live' promo

Lindsay Lohan's 'Saturday Night Live' promo

Lindsay Lohan's 'Saturday Night Live' promo, Oh, the Lindsanity, For her upcoming fourth time as host of Saturday Night Live, Lindsay Lohan will be accompanied by musical guest Jack White and the pink elephant in the room. That being, as she points out in the new SNL promo, the fact that she’s been living in the air ducts of Studio 8H over the past few years. No, she kids, she kids. In fact, LiLo seems ready to point out that she’s been very much in the public eye.

“If only magazines and websites had documented my activities more closely,” Lohan sarcastically complains to SNL cast member Kenan Thompson, adding, “America could have used more information about me, or maybe even a picture or two.” (Jeez, where’s Debbie when you need her?)

Watch the full promo below, in which Lohan also tries to fight off the inevitable Lindsanity jokes and gives a new spin to the old pie-in-the-face gag.

via: EW

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