Monday, 27 February 2012

Jennifer Lopez Oscar Nip Dress Slip

Jennifer Lopez Oscar Nip Dress Slip

Jennifer Lopez Oscar Nip Dress Slip, Jennifer Lopez’s Oscars Wardrobe Malfunction — Did Her Dress Slip?, Did J.Lo have a wardrobe malfunction?, The Web is buzzing over whether Jennifer Lopez's dress did indeed slip on the Oscars red carpet. Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to daring dresses. At this year's Oscars, the stunning star rocked a custom Zuhair Murad gown with a plunging neckline. And that's great, but while Lopez was chatting on the red carpet, her dress plunged a little too much, revealing more than intended.

The wardrobe malfunction caused a tremendous spike on Yahoo!. Immediately, searches on "jennifer lopez oscars" roared to life. The Twitter activity was equally thunderous. Did we all see what we thought we saw? According to E! Online, "J.Lo's dress is getting 800+ tweets per minute."

Indeed, many suspected something might happen before the incident. One person tweeted, "I'm worried about a gust of wind hitting the top part of J.Lo's dress causing a wardrobe malfunction." Broadcaster (and apparent Oscar fan) Katie Couric tweeted, "j lo's dress is making me nervous!"

Couric was right to be nervous. The 'v' of her gown slipped a little out of place on one side and the camera crew had to quickly pan up to a close-up of J. Lo's face to avoid embarrassing the singer. Live TV -- it's an adventure. Just ask Janet Jackson.

The 42-year-old "American Idol" judge has always been a popular search topic on Yahoo!. Even before the Oscars, the multitalented star was among Yahoo's top 200 overall searches. Tomorrow, she's sure to be in the top 20. Related lookups on "jennifer lopez pictures" and "jennifer lopez hot" have been big on Yahoo! ever since we started keeping score more than a decade ago. No doubt the lookups will continue to soar for years to come.

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