Monday, 27 February 2012

Oprah make Fun of Herself in racy skit

Oprah make Fun of Herself in racy skit

Oprah make Fun of Herself in racy skit, Oprah mocks herself in racy skit, Oprah After Dark on 'Jimmy Kimmel' [Video], Oprah Winfrey lets her hair down and makes fun of herself in a sexy parody on "Jimmy Kimmel." Oprah Winfrey? Funny? Believe it! The mega-mogul appeared in several self-mocking clips on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night after the Oscars. Not only can she laugh at herself, she can also get millions to laugh along with her.

Here's the setup. Jimmy Kimmel, ever the entrepreneur, was pitching Oprah some new TV show ideas. The first: An "Oprah After Dark" show that featured the iconic talk-show host taking a bubble bath amid mood music and glowing candles. So far, so good -- but then in comes a mustached Kimmel and things quickly go from sexy to terrifying. Who knew Oprah had such a great scream? Eat your heart out, Jamie Lee Curtis.

OK, so maybe "Oprah After Dark" wasn't a million-dollar idea. So how about a new kind of Oprah Book Club that combines the thrill of reading with bone-crushing violence? It's called Oprah's Book Fight Club, and it's all the rage. Instead of politely disagreeing over a book's subtext, just punch your rival in the gut. The first rule: Do not accuse Oprah of not knowing the material. Chaos will surely ensue.

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