Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Three-year-old girl mimics NFL prospects

Three-year-old girl mimics NFL prospects

Three-year-old girl mimics NFL prospects, Three-year old Wisconsin girl excels in combine drills, Grace Trautner watches the scouting combine on TV and copies every move. If the disappointing drills run by Vontaze Burfict, Cliff Harris, and Courtney Upshaw at this year's scouting combine left you will a hollow feeling, we hope that this video will allow you to re-affirm your love of the pre-draft process. Our scouting eyes are all agog, because this kid is a real tiger.

National Football League, we would like to introduce you to 3 1/2-year old Grace Trautner from Wisconsin. She's a Packers fan, of course, and her father, Duane, filled us in on the rest of the scouting portfolio. First, we're encouraged that she's got some old-school Ditka-style in her NFL preferences.

"This started with Grace calling [the players at the combine] with long hair or earrings girls," Duane said. "Then, she just joined in on the fun."

So, was this just a kid mirroring what she saw on television? No way. Grace is a hardcore fan, and according to Duane, "She is NOT happy that it's over and can't wait for training camp to start. And yes, she will be in Green Bay to take it in."

Good call. We see some Clay Matthews here, both in hair length and nascent pass-rush ability. And that burst at the end of the drill? If she starts on the 40-yard dashes, she might be able to just run out of the building, Deion Sanders-style. You can see in the video that Grace has already foregone her kindergarten eligibility and committed to the 2013 scouting combine -- the rest of you prospects out there had best be eating your Wheaties if you want to match up.

Duane also told us that Grace's 7-year old sister is getting in on the action, though there's no footage just yet. Get on that, Duane! "Thank God I didn't have boys," Duane told us. "These little girls do enough damage."

Indeed. Based on our analysis, Grace outdid Burfict in every drill, and if she can draw up a zone blitz, the Shutdown Corner Selection Committee is giving her a first-round grade.

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