Sunday, 12 February 2012

Crazy Guy Rides Airplane Wing

Crazy Guy Rides Airplane Wing

Crazy Guy Rides Airplane Wing, Man rides wing of airplane while in flight, Most people would probably never get out of an airplane hatch, step onto a plane's wing and lie on it. We have shown you some pretty crazy things daredevils have done, such as buzzing a cliff face at 250 km/h in a winged suit, but this may be even more crazy.

In the video, the man opens the glass hatch of a small aircraft and stands up in the back seat while holding onto the glass. As the propeller slows, he steps onto the wing, closes the hatch, kneels down and grips the front of the wing. He then lies down on his stomach with his feet off the back of the wing. The pilot does two barrel rolls before the daredevil lets go and descends toward the Earth.

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