Thursday, 23 February 2012

New app removes strangers from photos

New app removes strangers from photos

New app removes strangers from photos,Combat Photobombers Everywhere, Anyone who accidentally or purposely wanders into your shot can soon be magically erased. You're on an idyllic vacation in a faraway land, setting up for a beautiful landscape shot with a prominent relic in the background, but the street is congested with locals and other tourists.

Your friends set-up for the pose of a lifetime - it's the first time you've seen each other in months - maybe years, but the photo is ruined by some obnoxious passer-by who decides to insert themselves into your picture.

It's happened to most of us before, but it's a problem that just might have a solution in the Remove app by Scalado.

Designed for mobile phones supporting the Android OS, Remove is slated to be introduced to the public at the 2012 Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, beginning February 27th, but we were able to get a sneak peek at this handy little utility.

It works by taking multiple shots of the same picture and merging the still elements while removing the moving elements. It's not a perfect app, as it requires you to hold your phone/camera very still to get the perfect picture, but it does allow you to scroll between the various shots to select the one you like most. Perhaps it was because this isn't the final version of app that will be released next week, but we did have one instance where we saw a ghostly silhouette of a face in the background - an errant passerby that wasn't completely erased as intended.

Still, it's an exciting development in the arena of photo utilities, and bodes well for more advanced platforms, such as consumer-based point-and-click and DSLR cameras.

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