Sunday, 12 February 2012

College player's backward trick shot

College player's backward trick shot

College player's backward trick shot, Division III guard sinks no-look over-the-head shot, Aaron Zinnerman practices all sorts of wild shots, but even he was surprised by his luck on this one. Each day before practice, Wabash College's Aaron Zinnerman messes around with an array of trick shots, from half-court heaves, to bounce shots, to behind-the-backboard jumpers. On Saturday, the senior guard's trick shot prowess finally paid off in a game.

With the shot clock ticking down on a second-half possession during Wabash's 79-51 win over Kenyon College, Zinnerman recovered a loose ball that had been poked away from him as he drove to the rim. He had no choice but to shoot it even though he was facing away from the basket, so he threw up a no-look over-the-shoulder 15 footer from the free throw line and somehow, someway it rolled in.

"When I was shooting it, I didn't realize how crazy it looked, but once I saw the video, it was a pretty wild shot," Zinnerman said.

"I practice doing a million different trick shots, but I hadn't done that one lately. I guess when you get good at hitting a couple trick shots, other ones just come naturally."

Zinnerman barely celebrated the shot when he sank it, but he and his teammates were still buzzing about it Saturday night on the bus ride home. The senior scored 14 points and sank 6 of 11 shots, but there was no question which one was the highlight.

"I'd been in a slump the past couple games, so people told me if that goes in, I'm probably out of it," Zinnerman said. "We had a good game and for that to go in made it even better."

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