Friday, 10 February 2012

Mistakes from around the world of politics

Mistakes from around the world of politics

Mistakes from around the world of politics, Surviving the Glitter Wars and Other Hits and Misses in Politics, Three GOP contenders were targets of glitter bombs, while Obama stumbled at a science fair. Politically Foul
Politics is not a game exactly, but there are rules. 'Politically Foul' with John Berman, This week's political plays: ducking glitter bombers. And when you break them you're running Politically Foul! Each week, we watch for the political plays and make the penalty calls.

The infamous glitter bomber has had a busy week. Mitt Romney was the latest target of his festive attack at a rally in Denver. Until now, a 20-year-old college student who uses the glitter to make a statement about gay rights, has focused on soft targets: candidates without secret service protection. But this week, he stepped it up a notch and took on the Secret Service-protected Mitt Romney. It was a good effort by Team Glitter but the Secret Service came up with the tackle and Romney was able to continue down field. Well played.

But the glitter bomber was busy this week. Ron Paul and Rick Santorum were targets of the glitterati earlier in the week and Newt Gingrich was one of the first to get the glitter treatment earlier this year.

At a White House hosted science fair, President Obama bobbled his praise to a group of Texas teens when he criticized their rocket decorating talents, 'This is not a tough looking rocket, flowers and a bird.'

Unnecessary roughness Mr. President! Backpedaling, he said, "It's beautiful, you just don't usually see rockets this pretty." The play was recovered with a group hug.

It was a big week for Rick Santorum with a tri-state victory sweep. But wait! Who's that on his sideline crew? Foster Friess, a contributor to his SuperPAC. Candidates are banned from running plays with their SuperPACS. Flag! Illegal contact!

The touchdown of the week: Ron Paul presenting his wife flowers for their 55th wedding anniversary: the emerald anniversary. A two point conversion for the flowers, but Paul could have guaranteed a win with an emerald upgrade.

Those are the politically plays we flagged this week. Tell us your best and worst moments and we'll survey the field again next week.

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