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Chisora detained after brawl with Haye

Chisora detained after brawl with Haye

Chisora detained after brawl with Haye, Chisora threatens to shoot Haye after brawl, Chisora fights Haye at press conference, Ugly scenes after Dereck Chisora lost his world title fight saw David Haye's trainer injured. German police have detained Dereck Chisora after his brawl with David Haye following a WBC heavyweight title defeat to Vitali Klitschko.

The Zimbabwean-born Londoner Chisora, who went 12 rounds with Klitschko before being comprehensively beaten on points, was met by police at Munich airport as he prepared to return to London.

Haye is also set to be questioned by police for his part in the incident, which happened at a press conference staged after the title bout. Their clash led to a mass brawl and a nasty facial cut to Haye's trainer Adam Booth.

Chisora mocked Haye, who was covering the fight for television, for his poor performance in losing to Vitali's brother Wladimir last year and tried to talk him into an all-British fight after the Klitschkos' manager said the brothers were finished with British fighters after protestations from Haye at the back of the room.

Chisora said: "David, how's your toe" repeatedly, in reference to the excuse Haye used in losing to Wladimir, and said: "David, you and me can get it on in London. Be quiet.

"David Haye is an embarrassment. Sky Sports don't do Box Office because of David Haye. He messed up Box Office for all the young fighters and I'm going to give him two slaps for that.

"If David Haye is a fighter he should fight me. Let's fight, me and you."

The two eventually faced up to each other before grappling around the room.

Chisora claimed that Haye "glassed" him and then appeared to grab a bottle himself.

According to the Press Association, after Haye and Chisora were separated, Haye became involved in a fight with a member of Chisora's entourage in which both men threw punches. During that incident Haye appeared to grab a television tripod and in the melee his trainer and manager Booth was seen later with his forehead cut.
Reporters fled the scene while security tried to separate the men, according to AP.

In the aftermath, a fuming Chisora threatened to "shoot" Haye.

Before Chisora's goading of Haye, Bernd Boente, the Klitschkos' manager said: "With the bad experience we've had with British fighters we will now look for other countries.

"Contrary to David Haye, Dereck Chisora really went for it and really tried."

To this Haye replied: "You don't want to fight David Haye, no?"

Which led to Boente to reply: "You had an offer, you didn't accept it, now you are out. You are out. Out, out, out. You cannot talk yourself back into the fight, you have no belts. Chisora showed heart, contrary to you. You showed your toe."

Wladimir Klitschko, who witnessed the drama, told the BBC: "I'm totally disappointed, it went a little too far, the sport of boxing shouldn't be like that.

"Bloody faces in the press conference... fighting in the ring, not out. I'm really surprised."

Chisora later tweeted: "I'll fight David Haye. I gave him the mic and he glassed me so 1 to him and 1 to me."
Chisora also caused controversy before the fight by spitting water into the face of Wladimir. He was also fined $50,000 for slapping Vitali during a face-off after the fight's weigh-in.

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