Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Announcer's awkward moment on live TV

Announcer's awkward moment on live TV

Announcer's awkward moment on live TV, Funny TV blooper precedes Dayton-Xavier game, A college basketball broadcast takes a hilarious turn right before the start of the game. The most memorable moment from Xavier's 86-83 victory over rival Dayton wasn't Kevin Dillard's tying layup at the end of regulation or Tu Holloway's game-sealing free throws in the final minute of overtime.

In fact, it happened before Saturday night's game even tipped off.

As CBS Sports Network announcers James Bates and Steve Wolf welcome viewers to the arena, Bates' stool collapses beneath him mid-sentence on live TV, sending him crashing to the ground. Bates takes a second to collect himself, leaving Wolf just enough time to crack, "I guess we're doing this standing up."

To his credit, Bates maintains his poise and refuses to let his broken stool or bruised ego prevent him from finishing the rest of the segment. He deftly pokes fun at his own fall and sets up Wolf to talk about the implications of the game by calling Xavier-Dayton a "big-time rivalry" but noting his wooden seat was "not a big-time stool."

Perhaps it's no surprise Bates took the fall in stride since he's well-accustomed to contact. Bates is a former all-SEC linebacker at Florida and a captain of the Gators' 1996 national championship team.

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