Monday, 5 March 2012

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Kiss-Cam

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Kiss-Cam 

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Kiss-Cam, Watch Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson fall victim to LA Kings Kiss-Cam (VIDEO), Celebrities caught on arena's kiss-cam, A Hollywood icon and his actor wife share a smooch when a camera spots them at a game. Most in-arena entertainment diversions are garbage. Like voting on which Nickelback song to hear or watching some newbie struggle to answer a trivia question 99 percent of the crowd answered before it was asked.

Ah, but the Kiss-Cam … the Kiss-Cam is the guiltiest of guilty pleasures, a combination of voyeurism and improv comedy and "she's with HIM?!" moments of astonishment. At the Los Angeles Kings' game against Anaheim on Saturday night, there was another addictive quality added to the Kiss-Cam: Hollywood celebrity gawking. Witness Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson at the 53-second mark.

That was … awesome. Rita Wilson looked like she's waited her entire life to be featured on the Kiss-Cam, and Tom Hanks jumped to the call of duty like he was saving Private Ryan all over again. When you're on the Kiss-Cam, it's that thing you do. What a Ladykiller. OK, that's the punchline.

What a cool moment. It almost makes up for "Larry Crowne" and "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close." Almost …

Bonus hilarity: The next dude's "OMG it's Tom Hanks OMG it's us *slurp*" moment with his girl, in which he attempts to bring her down to the sticky arena floor in his passionate smooch.

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