Tuesday, 27 March 2012

World's tallest player's remarkable dunk

World's tallest player's remarkable dunk

World's tallest player's remarkable dunk, World's Tallest Basketball Player Dunks With Worst Vertical Ever, A slam by 7-foot-8 Harlem Globetrotter Paul "Tiny" Sturgess must be seen to be believed. Just about every professional basketball player can leap up in the air and slam dunk, but how many can throw it down while barely leaving their feet?

Only one player on planet earth is known to have such a skill, but he doesn't play in the NBA. The iconic Harlem Globetrotters employ this gargantuan.

Paul Sturgess is his name, "Tiny" is his nickname, but there isn't much that's small about this 7-foot-8, 325-pound mountainous man.

The pride of Loughborough, England, Sturgess played basketball at West Virginia's Mountain State University in part because he liked the gloomy weather and the mountainous geography reminded him of home.

In addition to being crowned the World's Tallest Professional Basketball Player by Guinness World Records, Sturgess is the proud owner of a viral Internet video. The clip, posted a few days ago, appears to show "Tiny" dunk with probably the worst vertical ever.

Sturgess grew up playing soccer and golf in Britain. He didn't start playing basketball until he was 5-foot-6 at 14 years old. Surprisingly, his ridiculous height isn't the result of a bad pituitary gland. Sturgess told the AP a few years ago that his growth was natural.

The product of a 6-foot-8 father and 5-foot-5 mother loves swimming and playing video games such as Call of Duty when not traveling the world with the Globetrotters.

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