Thursday, 29 March 2012

'Dog' and cat halt play during hoops game

'Dog' and cat halt play during hoops game

'Dog' and cat halt play during hoops game, 'Dog' And Cat Halt Play In Israeli Basketball Game, A mascot springs into action when a feline wanders onto the court in the middle of play. Donny the Dog might be responsible for making Saturday's most interesting moment in basketball take place not at a NCAA tournament regional site, but in Israel.

Who is Donny the Dog, you might be wondering? He's arguably the best sports mascot in the world. His team? Israel's Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball. His claim to fame? A wholehearted commitment to his craft that left the announcers and fans of Saturday’s game against Bnei Hasharon in an uproar.

A maverick cat darting across a basketball court in the middle of the game is already the stuff of viral video gold. But when the mascot doesn't skip a beat adding to the entertainment, you have to wonder which matchup Israeli fans will be talking about in a few weeks -- the teams, or Donny versus Cat.

We can only hope the Final Four on our side of the world is half as fun.

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