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Lost passport returned 60 years later

Lost passport returned 60 years later

Lost passport returned 60 years later, Passport Lost for 60 Years Found and Returned to Owner, Nuno Fonseca sets out on a mission to find the mystery woman in his Paris souvenir. Last summer, while shopping for souvenirs in a flea market in Paris, medical student Nuno Fonseca found a passport that had been missing for 60 years. Fonseca paid 40 euros for it, which is about $60, and embarked on an extensive search to find the original owner. He discovered that the passport belonged to Elizabeth Hatfield, and that she had once lived in the same housing complex that he did, but six decades earlier. Lost passport returned to woman after 60 years, A man returns a woman's passport more than half a century later; "Where is Trayvon's phone?" picks up traction on Twitter.

After more research, Fonseca was told by the historical society of Hatfield's hometown of Ardsley, New York, that her name was now Betty Werther and she was living in Paris. Hatfield graduated from UC Berkeley in 1949 and set out to continue her studies in France. When she got there, she was bitten by the travel bug and visited many places, including Germany and Scandinavia, and hitchhiked with a friend in the Middle East. She eventually settled in Paris.

Fonseca was determined to return the lost passport. So he flew from Portugal to Paris to give it to Werther in person. Werther was extremely grateful to get her passport back but was even more thrilled to meet Fonseca, calling the whole experience "extraordinary."

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