Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Invisible Mercedes

Invisible Mercedes

Invisible Mercedes cruises the streets of Germany, Invisible car cruises Germany, Luxury car manufacturers usually want their vehicles to be seen. Not Mercedes-Benz, which has concealed its new F-Cell vehicle in the most creative use of the invisibility cloak since Frodo hid from Sauron. Mercedes covered one side of its hydrogen-powered minivan with LED panels, then attached a DSLR to shoot video on the other side, creating the illusion that the zero-emissions car ("invisible" to the environment) is also physically invisible as it barrels around Bavaria.

Some YouTube viewers are wary of the manufacturer's approach (one commenter warns, "Invisible car = anticipated car crash"), but general reaction includes appreciation for both the manufacturer's marketing innovation and socially conscious product. Plus, as one fan points out, "I can park anywhere I want now!"

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