Friday, 23 March 2012

How seaweed toast may help shed pounds

How seaweed toast may help shed pounds

How seaweed toast may help shed pounds, Is Eating Seaweed the New Miracle Diet?, Men who ate the marine algae for breakfast cut 179 calories per day, a study finds. Swimsuit season is fast approaching and many people are looking for ways to slim down. A brand-new dietary option introduced by a study from Sheffiled Hallam University in England says that seaweed may aid in the shedding of pounds. A new study finds seaweed toast might help people lose weight:

The study suggests that eating seaweed could burn more fat than half an hour at the gym on a treadmill. Results also suggest that consuming seaweed at breakfast helped a group of about 80 men eat fewer calories in a day. The university fed the study participants scrambled eggs and bread prepared with seaweed instead of salt every day for two weeks. The men said they could not tell the difference between regular bread and the seaweed loaves. The seaweed was harvested from the waters of the Scottish Outer Hebrides then dried and milled at a local factory.

In total, the men consumed 179 fewer calories a day when eating the seaweed bread and cutting out salt, because it acts as a bulking agent that gives the feeling of fullness. Consequently, the men ate fewer calories at lunch and dinner. Nutrition experts say that in order to see weight loss, a person should cut 100 calories a day.

Of course people are excited about the study, with some calling it a "miracle diet" on Twitter and others suggesting that using the seaweed diet could mean a person could deliberately "forget the gym."

However before you start stocking up on seaweed to kick start your diet, it is important to note that some of the funding for the study came from the Seaweed Foundation.

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