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Furor over washing instructions on pants

Furor over washing instructions on pants

Furor over washing instructions on pants, Pants' washing instructions read 'Give it to your woman', Snarky laundry tag prompts store apology, Offensive Care Instructions Spark Outcry Against Sexism, A retailer takes heat after a customer's girlfriend objects to the cleaning options on a pair of pants. A photo of the care instructions on a pair of pants has people accusing a clothing manufacturer of being sexist. Following the care instructions on a garment could help maintain its quality and life-span. But when reporter Emma Barnett from London's Daily Telegraph tweeted a picture of the label with the care instructions on her boyfriend's trousers, it sent shockwaves through the Twitter community. 

The label included the typical cleaning instructions: "Machine wash warm. Inside out with like colors. … Tumble dry medium." Also included was the alternative option, "Give it to your woman. It's her job."

Barnett later revealed that the trousers were from British retailer Madhouse, and a flood of tweets followed. People vented their disgust toward the retailer using "#SexistTrousers" and vowing to never shop at the store again.

However, there were those who simply found the tag amusing. One person wrote that he found it funny and thinks his girlfriend would laugh at it, too.

We spoke with Madhouse representative Mikk Tesseras, and he insists that Madhouse did not manufacture the tag. Tesseras told Trending Now that the product is commissioned and manufactured overseas, and the tag with the care instructions is added after manufacturing. Tesseras, who says an investigation is under way, apologized for the insensitive tag and promises the retailer would be more careful in the future.

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