Tuesday, 20 March 2012

'Little Couple' stars protest 'dwarf tossing'

'Little Couple' stars protest 'dwarf tossing'

'Little Couple' stars protest 'dwarf tossing', ‘Little Couple’ Jen & Bill Address Dwarf Tossing, Jen Arnold and Bill Klein speak out on a Florida lawmaker's plan to legalize the "sport." "What is dwarf tossing?" Anderson Cooper asks Jen Arnold and Bill Klein, stars of the hit TLC reality show, "The Little Couple."

"It's a horrible thing that some people call a sport," says Jen, "It's not a sport."

During her interview on "Anderson" (airing on Tuesday, March 20), Jen continues, "It's basically, where in a bar, if you are partaking of libations, adult beverages, a little person agrees to put a hat on them, a helmet for safety and some padding and they are thrown as far as they possibly can just because they are a little person. As you can imagine, that's not a very safe activity."

Despite being incredibly demeaning and wrong, State Rep. Ritch Workman, a Republican from Melbourne, Florida wants to repeal the law that made this illegal in the state of Florida.

An audience member asks Bill and Jen of TLC's hit reality show "The Little Couple" what they think of Chelsea Handler referring to sidekick Chuy Bravo as her "nugget."

Bill answers, "I guess my opinion is that everybody needs to pick a path and follow it. I don't necessarily begrudge any individual pursuing a career, I think that labeling in general, the feeling that you need to segregate a group of people, that their voice is something that can be stomped on by a majority of people, like a Chelsea or somebody like that… that has a voice.

They have a responsibility also, and they shouldn't necessarily exhibit what their personal feelings are when they are talking to people that are impressionable."

In the previous season of TLC's "The Little People," Jen and Bill learned the sad news that their surrogate miscarried their child… with their reactions revealed in front of reality cameras.

"Little people, women who are little persons, can have children, can bear children, usually it's a C-section delivery, but the risks for me because of my extreme short stature we're pretty great," says Jen.

As a neonatologist, she sees baby complications frequently, and there were two things she was especially worried about.

"What are you planning to do now? Do you still want to have kids?" asks Anderson.

"Oh yeah, we are definitely not giving up," says Jen. "That was our first transfer, many women go through multiple transfers before they achieve success with the baby. We are in the middle of trying again, we are not giving up on surrogacy yet."

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