Saturday, 17 March 2012

Baseball player's funny foul-ball stunt

Baseball player's funny foul-ball stunt

Baseball player's funny foul-ball stunt, Jerry Hairston takes a page from Lenny Randle, attempts to blow ball foul, L.A.'s Jerry Hairston probably wouldn't try this comical move if he weren't playing a spring training game. If you've ever spent any time fooling around a diamond, you've probably knelt along the third base line and tried to do your best Lenny Randle impression by blowing a baseball from fair to foul territory. Hairston tries to blow ball foul:

On Thursday, Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Jerry Hairston did it again at the big-league level — albeit in a spring training game — when Kansas City's Irving Falu bunted a dribbler up the third base line in the fifth inning.

As the announcers noted, Hairston's unsuccessful attempt immediately summoned memories of Randle's lungs guaranteeing themselves a spot on every sports bloopers reel until the end of time — and causing an in-game controversy at the time.

So even if Hairston had been successful in huffing and puffing Falu's bunt foul — or in a similar situation last year — it still wouldn't have mattered. Baseball's best loophole was closed decades ago.

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