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Young kid tosses pizzas just like a pro

Young kid tosses pizzas just like a pro

Young kid tosses pizzas just like a pro, WATCH: 7-year-old Michael Testa Tosses Pizzas like a Pro, Michael Testa, 7, learned in just a few weeks what it took his dad decades to master. Michael Testa, 7, loves hanging around his father's pizzeria in Jersey City. Kid Tosses Pizza Like A Pro, So it's no surprise that he picked up a few tricks of the trade, just by watching his dad make pizza after pizza. A chip off the old block! Seven years old and this boy can toss pizza with the big guys! Carmine Testa owner of Carmines Pizza Factory in Jersey City showed his seven year old son Michael Testa how to throw dough, and look at him now!

What's surprising, though, is how quickly the second grader mastered the dough-tossing techniques that it took his dad decades to learn. This kid can really throw the dough.

"He's an exceptional kid. If he can see it, he can pretty much do it," says his dad, Carmine, of Carmine's Pizza Factory, told Yahoo! Shine. "Pretty much my whole life of 20 years of doing it, and he was able to pick up in about two weeks of practicing."

Michael is spinning a plastic practice dough in the video, his dad says, but the he makes and throws his own homemade dough as well. The practice version has "the same weight and consistency of dough," his dad points out, "but you can't put holes in it, and if you drop it on the floor you can still pick it up and use it."

Carmine bought the practice dough in January so he could sharpen his skills and learn a few tricks while waiting to reopen his pizzeria in a new location. "I wish I was 20 years younger, because I've become very passionate about it lately," he says. "But Michael, he's young, he's got very, very good hand-eye coordination. He was able to pick up everything I did."

Michael, who turns 8 in May, loves playing soccer and flag football, and has already earned his black belt in Karate. "It took him three years to get to black belt," his father says proudly. But both he and his 5-year-old bother, Nicholas -- the comedian in the family -- really love going to work with their dad. Ever since 8-month-old Chloe was born, going to the pizzeria on Saturdays has become part of the routine, and the boys enjoy helping out around the restaurant. "They really show an interest in what I do," Carmine says. "Michael is hands on, helping my pizza guy, helping my cook, restocking the soda machine."

Though he would prefer that his kids become veterinarians -- "They can have the pizza thing to fall back on," Carmine says -- right now Michael's got his heart set on two careers: First, football. Then, a pizzeria of his own. But could there also be a spot on the acrobatic, dough-tossing U.S. Pizza Team in his future?

"I believe I need to find someone who can train him professionally, because he's such a raw talent," Carmine says. "At 7, he can do what a lot of older guys can't." 

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