Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Young ball boy humbles soccer star

Young ball boy humbles soccer star

Young ball boy humbles soccer star, DTotD: Sulley Muntari gives his shirt to a Chievo ball boy, ball boy tries to give it back, You might expect this kid to jump for joy after receiving a gift from Milan's Sulley Muntari. Though this isn't a dirty tackle and there is no physical pain involved, the emotional damage here is just crippling.

After scoring the only goal in Milan's 1-0 win at Chievo Verona, Sulley Muntari was likely feeling quite good. So, to spread those good vibes a little further, he generously gave his shirt to the smallest Chievo ball boy as he headed for the tunnel. But Muntari underestimated the kid's loyalty to his own club and instead of eagerly grabbing the shirt and thanking Muntari for his gift, the ball boy didn't crack a smile and tried to give the shirt back to the player.

Though the kid followed him to try and return it, Muntari wouldn't take it back. A couple of the bigger ball boys tried to take it, but he wouldn't let go, probably because he wanted to throw it away himself. And that, my friends, is a humbling moment for Sulley Muntari.

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