Thursday, 12 April 2012

'Top Gear' host names best car ever made

'Top Gear' host names best car ever made

'Top Gear' host names best car ever made, BMW: The Greatest Car Ever Made Says Top Gear’s Hammond, Popular TV host Richard Hammond says this pricey European brand is in a league by itself. If it was anybody else, you could probably just dismiss it as babel or a momentary lapse of judgement. But to hear from Richard Hammond, a guy who achieved global fame by sitting behind the wheel of some of the world's fastest and most exotic cars, is an entirely different matter.

To say nice things about pricey German cars is as common as cliches, but for the co-host of Top Gear to throw out ''best car ever made," that's cause to pull over and listen.

"To a degree you really could make a case for them being exactly that," Hammond says in the attached video, pointing to BMW's engineering pedigree and a reputation for quality that assures you their cars will "be here in ten years."

Hammond's revelation first came to light in a column he wrote for London's The Daily Mirror, in which he called the new 3-Series "three-mendous." In hilarious fashion, this critic turned fan actually berates himself for not being able to find faults, and even admits how much easier it is to be critical then complimentary.

All of this comes as the new 3-Series marks the 6th generation or platform update for a model that's nearly 40 years old. It also comes at a time when consumers appear to be in agreement with Hammond, as BMW just posted its best first-quarter sales ever, with a total of 425,000 more going to China than the U.S.

"Their cars are not about cutting edge, brand new technology, breaking new ground, pushing things further," Hammond says. "Their cars are about doing what's already known...and doing it extremely well."

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