Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Reporter pelted with eggs, yogurt on live TV

Reporter pelted with eggs, yogurt on live TV

Reporter pelted with eggs, yogurt on live TV, Greek journalist pelted with eggs, yogurt on live TV, Host Panagiotis Bourchas didn't even try to stop protesters after they broke in, attacked him during a segment. Panagiotis Bourchas came under fire for his decision to invite a neo-Nazi guest. News anchors sometimes have to worry about how the television audience may react to an interview.

While they may prepare for email complaints, they usually don't prepare for food to be pelted at their heads.
Greek journalist Panagiotis Bourchas had an interview with a far-right neo-Nazi spokesman named Ilias Kasithiari and literally came under fire for it, reports Greek Reporter.

According to Fox 8, Epiros TV reports 17 intruders broke into the studio during the evening broadcast Saturday and chucked eggs and Greek yogurt at the anchor. As seen in the video, Bourchas doesn't even attempt to get out of the way. He just keeps standing there and turns around so the food doesn't hit him in the face. After about a minute, he finally picks up his computer, takes out his earpiece and walks off the set.

One of the first things an intruder yells is "You allow fascists in here" and later they chant "I can say you're a Marxist and a Nazi."

The intruders were protesting Bourchas' decision to bring the guest on the show. The anti-immigrant group called Golden Dawn holds more than five per cent of voting intentions according to a recent poll.

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