Thursday, 5 April 2012

Entire team suspended after ugly brawl

Entire team suspended after ugly brawl

Entire team suspended after ugly brawl, Entire team is suspended after massive brawl kicks off with pitcher hurling ball at coach, A California high school takes extreme measures after a baseball game spirals out of control. A massive junior varsity baseball brawl between two Northern California schools has led to the complete suspension of one team for a week, a penalty which may be deemed minor by the time further investigation into the incident is concluded.

As first reported by the Marysville Appeal-Democrat, the Yuba City (Calif.) High junior varsity baseball team has been suspended for a full week in the aftermath of a massive brawl between the Honkers (that's the Yuba City team nickname) and Fair Oaks (Calif.) Del Campo High. The fight itself took place in the sixth inning of a game between the teams at a Granite Bay tournament on Monday, with the game abandoned with a tied score of 3-3 shortly thereafter.

In the course of a 30-second brawl, nearly the entirety of the Yuba City and Del Campo squads became embroiled in a nasty tussle in which players from both teams threw haymakers and, in some cases, attempted to take each other out with near wrestling moves.

You can see full footage of the brawl above, though you can't see what precipitated it. According to the Appeal-Democrat, that incident may have even been just as shocking as the resulting fight itself.

… the melee occurred in the sixth inning after the Del Campo first base coach made comments to the Yuba City dugout and pitcher Jaylon Deas. Deas then turned and threw the ball from the mound at the coach. The ball missed the coach, but Deas charged the coach and benches cleared.

Yup, you read that correctly: A junior varsity pitcher throwing a ball at and charging an opposing coach. If that doesn't get a player excommunicated from a program, it's hard to imagine what would, whether the coach had instigated the attack in some way or not.

While Yuba City has been tabbed with most of the responsibility for the fracas, Del Campo didn't paint itself in an angelic light during the incident either. While the school's players were fighting Yuba City's squad on the field, some Del Campo parents jeered the Yuba City teens by telling them to "Go back to your farmland," as you can hear in the YouTube video above.

The entire Yuba City junior varsity squad was suspended from all activities until Monday, April 9 as a result of the fight, with further penalties likely for some. Meanwhile, the Sacramento Bee reported that no word of what penalties would be handed out by Del Campo has been released as of yet.

What happens next for either program remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: The brawl won't be forgotten anytime soon, by the players, fans or the administrators who are likely to levy even more punishment against the programs in the days ahead.

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