Thursday, 5 April 2012

Debate clash over opponent's Twitter move

Debate clash over opponent's Twitter move

Debate clash over opponent's Twitter move, Senate candidate Bruning accuses opponent Stenberg of trying to follow teen daughter on Twitter (VIDEO), A GOP Senate debate turns sour when one candidate says another tried to "follow" his daughter. A debate between a pair of Republican Senate candidates in Nebraska took a weird turn on Tuesday, when one accused the other of trying to follow his 14-year-old daughter on Twitter. Twitter Spat About Nebraska Senate Candidate's Daughter, Senate candidate Jon Bruning accuses opponent Jon Stenberg of following his 14-year-old daughter on Twitter.

At the debate in Gering, Neb., Jon Bruning, the state's attorney general, accused his opponent, Treasurer Don Stenberg, of requesting to follow his daughter on the social messaging network.

"Let me ask you this, Don," Bruning said. "This Sunday, my daughter walks in and she says, 'Don Stenberg's trying to follow me on Twitter.' My daughter's 14 years old. Now you tell me ... I'd like to know, why does a 62-year-old man want to follow a 14-year-old girl on Twitter? I'd really like to know. She said, 'Dad, that's kind of creepy.'" (According to Stenberg's Wikipedia page, he is 63.)

Bruning's daughter's account is protected, meaning she has to approve requests to follow her.

"Quite honestly, I don't do my own Twitter," Stenberg said, blaming a campaign aide for the attempted follow. "Dan Parsons does it for me. We've got thousands and thousands of folks, and as soon as we get done here, I'll call Dan and make sure that's taken off. I don't think it's appropriate."

In an interview after the event, Parsons told the World-Herald that it could have happened "inadvertently."

"We use several search engines to follow people, and we follow thousands," Parsons said.

Earlier in the debate, Stenberg criticized Bruning for supporting the nomination of Democratic Attorney General Eric Holder.

A third candidate, state Sen. Deb Fischer, did not attend. The incumbent, Democrat Ben Nelson, is not seeking re-election to a third term.

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