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Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas - Give your front door a makeover this season with one of these Christmas door decorating ideas. Festive and colorful, these wreaths are the perfect way to welcome holiday guests into your home. Here i share some Christmas Door Decorating Ideas like Mixed Greens, Bold and Beautiful, Candy-Cane Wreath, Take It from Him, Recycled Wreath, Christmas Ball Wreath, Everything's Coming Up Roses, Fan-Tastic, Mirror Image, Pop Out the Cork, Sugar-Coated-Fruit Wreath, Shades-of-Green Wreath, Paper-Star Wreath, Red-Berry Wreath and White Christmas. 

Mixed Greens: This woodsy design, studded with fruit and plants, blends faux and real. From the crafts store, purchase a 16-inch grapevine wreath and artificial Granny Smith apples. Use a hot glue gun to affix the apples, spacing them equally around the ring. Select an assortment of seasonal flora from the florist or the forest — pinecones, fragrant eucalyptus, and juniper — and weave them into the grapevine, filling in the areas between the apples.

Bold and Beautiful: This radiant wreath shows your true colors — and all it takes is a few boxes of glass Christmas tree ornaments. Choose bright hues and a variety of sizes and attach with floral wire.

Candy-Cane Wreath: Everyone's favorite Christmas confection provides a cheery welcome on the outside of a house.

Instructions: Draw a candy cane shape onto a large piece of paper. Cut it out and trace the shape onto a two-inch-thick piece of Styrofoam. Cut out the Styrofoam using a serrated knife. Wrap a piece of white felt four inches wider than the candy cane around the shape (use straight pins to attach it to the back). Tightly wrap a wire around the top of your candy cane and create a loop for a hanger on the back. Spread out an assortment of peppermint candies and broken candy canes on newspaper in a well-ventilated area, like a garage. Spray the pieces with polyurethane, making sure to coat all sides of the candy well; let dry. Use a glue gun to tightly apply the candy to the front and sides of the wreath, then give the whole thing two more coats of polyurethane. Finish by wiring on sprigs of pine and a bow.

Take It from Him: Turn Dad's old ties into door decor. You'll need a 14-inch wire wreath form from a crafts shop and 19 ties. Cut all ties but one into 15-inch lengths. Position the narrow end of first cut tie, front side up, on a section of the wreath. Wrap tie around form until pointed end is positioned as shown, hiding the rolled tie; secure with pins. Repeat, overlapping ties slightly. Flip wreath over; sew rolled-up ties to the backs of points. Pin on the uncut, bowed tie.

Recycled Wreath:  Recycle holiday greeting cards into holly leaves for this one-of-a-kind decoration. Using a holly leaf stencil, trace onto old cards and cut out holly shapes. With a glue gun, glue a toothpick onto the backside of each of the leaves to form a 1-inch pick at the "bottom" of each leaf. Take a 10-inch Styrofoam wreath and insert these leaf picks around the shape until it is completely covered, fanning and overlapping them as shown. Cut out more holly leaves as needed to cover the wreath with regifted greetings.

Christmas Ball Wreath:  A shimmery stunner takes Christmas ornaments off the tree and onto the wall. Buy a straw wreath about 22 inches in diameter from the crafts store. Using 1/2 yard of white felt cut into 3-inch-wide strips, wrap each piece around the wreath, pinning to secure and overlapping the edges. Take assorted Christmas balls and attach to the felt with a low-temperature glue gun, using the smallest balls to fill in holes and gaps. This is also a great way to use older ornaments that may not look good from all angles. You can also add small stars, snowflakes, or other ornaments to give your wreath a unique look. Hang with wire, wrapped securely around "top" of wreath. (Note: You'll need to add the wire before you cover the wreath completely with ornaments.)

Everything's Coming Up Roses: For a wreath that bursts with fresh fragrance, glue dried red roses, white berries, and bay leaves onto a straw wreath form — making it as lush and full as possible.

Fan-Tastic: Start by fashioning small fans out of tissue paper. (To form circular shapes, just glue together two fans.) When you have enough circles, glue them to a Styrofoam wreath form and adorn it with faux pearls.

Mirror Image: Hang a wreath against a mirror for dramatic effect. To create this traditional fruit-and-greenery wreath, glue dried pomegranates to a straw wreath form. Then fill in the gaps with sheet moss.

Pop Out the Cork: Add pop to a dining room with wine corks wired to tiny red jingle bells. Take about 22 corks of the same size and 22 small (3/8 of an inch) red bells bought from a crafts store. Drill a small hole (just big enough to fit your wire through) 1/4 of an inch from the top of each cork and another 1/4 of an inch from the bottom. It is very important to make sure all the drilled holes at the top line up with the holes at the bottom. Using long, green floral wire, push the wire though all the bottom holes of the corks. Leave enough wire at both ends when finished for tying closed later. Cut another long piece of floral wire to string the tops of the corks together, alternating with the bells. Tie ends of wire at the top and bottom, twisting to close and make a wreath shape. Hang with length of ribbon.

Sugar-Coated-Fruit Wreath: Frost-tinged fruit add a festive touch to holiday decorations.

Instructions: Gather an assortment of artificial fruit (oranges, pears, lemons, apples, etc.). Insert a florist pick into each fruit. Roll them, one at a time, in tacky glue (such as Aleenes, available at crafts stores), then Epsom salts, and finally white, iridescent glitter. Push the picks into a brick of foam and allow the fruits to dry completely. Wrap an 18-inch straw wreath in lime-green ribbon and pin to secure. Use a craft knife to make holes in the ribbon where you will be placing the fruit. Stick the dry fruit into the wreath, starting with the larger pieces. Use a glue gun to secure them. Attach an organza ribbon with wire, then loosely wrap the ribbon ends around the wreath.

Shades-of-Green Wreath: Lime-colored flowers give a wreath a mossy appeal.

Instructions: Soak an oasis wreath form, then push in stems of balsam, chrysanthemum, and hypericum berries. Attach a satin bow with wire.

Paper-Star Wreath: Handmade paper stars, glued to a wire wreath, strike a modern pose in a window. This graphic ring will be ready to hang again next year.

Instructions: Go to and print out directions for making 3-D paper stars. Make the following stars: six 4-inch stars, eight 3-inch stars, and eight 2-inch stars. Coat a 12-inch wire wreath form with silver spray paint; let dry. Use a glue gun to attach the paper stars to the wreath, stacking them for a 3-D effect. Finish by wiring a satin ribbon to the top.

Red-Berry Wreath: A circle of winterberry branches brightens a mantel scene.

Instructions: Cut 40 to 50 branches of winterberries to measure between 10 and 16 inches long. Using green florist wire, attach the larger branches to a 16- to 18-inch wire frame one at a time, overlapping as you go. Continue adding smaller branches until it looks full; use a glue gun when the wiring becomes too difficult.

White Christmas: Matte white spray paint transforms au naturel grapevine, twigs, and pinecones into an icy-looking Arctic circle. At your crafts or floral supply store, purchase an 18-inch grapevine wreath. At the floral supply area of the craft store, look for natural pods in a variety of shapes, pinecones, and seasonal nuts from an assorted-mix package to add texture and variety to the wreath. Using a hot glue gun, add these dried decorations to the wreath. To make stick stars, use sticks from outdoors broken into 3- to 4-inch lengths or use cinnamon sticks. Glue them on top of each other to form the star shape and add them to the wreath. When all the pieces have been added, place wreath on newspaper or another surface you don't mind getting messy, and spray-paint the entire thing white. Allow to dry. Loop with wire in back to hang.

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