Thursday, 18 August 2011

World Youngest Grandfather

Schoolgirl in Britain has made ​​its 29-year old father of Shem Davis the youngest grandfather in the world. The daughter of shem davis gave birth to his new found son on a week before her 15th birthday. Vashem Davies who becomes the grandmother now said she was glad to replenish the family and said his daughter was born when he was only 14. The amazing breeding of making relationships and then giving birth in so young age its just the latest trend which follows in England in these days. But this family wins the race of all the young couples making relationship because the youngest grand father and mother married almost 14 to 15 years age so while her 14 year daughter give the birth now on a week before  her 15th birthday. Get ready to see the exclusive images of this world youngest grandfather in the UK with complete protraits and photographs of his family.

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