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The prison in the Netherlands

It is an institution more like a country club or recreation department. This is a valid common jail. So here i share the The prison in the Netherlands which contains 167 inmates and employs 140 people staff. At the entrance to a full inspection of all means of communication are taken. Shoot prisoners is strictly prohibited, so the photos you do not see them. Inside, everything is more like a park or a good children's camp. Neat lawn, benches, beds and brand new housing, barracks. The Dutch can be proud of not only cheese, windmills and tulips, but also respected the prison system, which has been continuously improved since the end of the XVI century.

It was then, in 1595 the prison was built, "Tsuhthauz," in which prisoners first began to occupy the job. Already since the country began to act in the principle of "Hoort," which translates as "humane view of punishment." Got it name from the prison reformer, Jan van de Hoorta. Only high fences with barbed wire, give this place a destination. The territory is divided into zones. Pass between the zones through these gateways: Doors open operator remotely, so pull off the guard and escape keys will not work. Tour is director of the prison, he asks the operator to open the gates to us in one of the blocks. 

On arrival at the prison, all prisoners are sent to the showers. Then on a dedicated computer confirm his identity - compare their fingerprints, retina scans. Previously, there were cases where the term serve time in jail brought no criminal, but like the man who got a lot of money for this "service." Before the entrance hangs an evacuation plan). It is convenient to escape. On the walls hang posters for the staff. Compare our-yourself campaign. Khol main unit. It contained 50 prisoners. The closer to the end of the period - the softer the mode content. At the end, prisoners can go home on weekends. You can freely walk around the area, some buildings do not even have a fence. Everything is done so that after his sentence the prisoner could normally integrate into the familiar life and not be an outcast. Everything is clean and fun. All doors with electronic locks with the central office. Rendezvous with relatives once a month - 2 hours. Calls are charged, per week, you can talk for 10 minutes. There is also a library, you can use it once a week and take no more than 5 books. courtyard for walking. solitary confinement. It's a little shabby, so long as this did not make repairs. In prison, you can work. Usually it is a simple physical labor. Some companies have bought the prison some products that bring their own machines, on which the prisoners something to work. 

They work almost all, without this sum you can go. Work 4 hours a day. The maximum earnings in jail - € 25 per week. Money can be spent in the prison shop for food and cigarettes. Each room has a radio, TV socket and connection with the protection. For TV you have to pay - 6 euro per week. In special cases, may even allow video game consoles. And this camera for two. Suspended beds, they were removed. This camera in the toilet already have the wall so as not to embarrass a neighbor;) for bad behavior are sent to solitary confinement. There is nothing here. Bed day clean. The windows also do not have it in a glass tube. In a corner of a surveillance camera. delinquent issue a special form. The other prisoners to walk in his clothes. In addition to clothing is issued ... chalk! Pay attention to the door. It is painted with special paint on it you can draw. It is possible to draw on the door - the only joy in the offending inmate. Back in the box put the clock to the time he knew. prison employees say they draw for the prisoners is very important. Board is in every cell. Yard for walks. The view from the window. For those who have a good lead, there's a football field. But the new building. Building prisons even won a sort of architectural prize. 

Previously, there was a Catholic boarding school, then in its place built a jail. Made it on the principle of "build nicely to them it was a pity to destroy." Principle, by the way, did not work. Wooden doors broken in the first week. Had to urgently put metal. We could it be spa in Barvikha. In the Netherlands, one of the largest percent of young people among the prisoners - 4.7%, higher only in Malta, 6.1%. esplanade prisoners. And this room, here You can watch TV, unless there is 6 euros per week to rent the camera. On the left is visible kitchen. There, prisoners can do their cooking. Products can be purchased at the prison shop. 

Now I regret that I forgot to take pictures of the store itself, write a letter to the director to send a photo;) wardens say the prisoners do the cooking kind. Rooms in the new prisons are standard. Between the cameras - a compartment where there are garbage cans. At the end of the corridor kitchen: a small gas stove, set of pots and pans. Kitchen for those who do not like the standard menu, although it is quite hearty and varied. Breakfast is usually easy - roll, toast, jam, scrambled eggs, coffee, tea and juices. Three-course dinner, plus salad and fruit. Interestingly, in some prisons, you can order some dishes from the restaurant. Jews were often ordered kosher meals, such as gefilte fish.

Some prisons have common dining rooms, but more often delivers food carts to the cells. Again, check with distributors menu, ordered the prisoners, posted on the door. In cells other than the inhabitants of household appliances have the right to hold a transparent plastic container. This is housing for young people - up to 23 years. Prisoners here are contained in court. The preliminary conclusion is not more than 3 months, then be sure to court. Rest area. Here, rapists and murderers spend long winter evenings, this is a camera. For normal convicts there are great benefits. For example, they have the right to hold the camera in an indoor plant It's like a cheap hotel. Washbasin, toilet, bed, call button protection, blackboard paint. No bars on the windows, vmeto of armored glass. The prison should resemble a house, a person is not angry for good. Previously, even the doors were wooden, like home, but for some reason, the bandits started to knock down these doors. Then all the doors were sheathed with metal. Another case. Indoor gym. 

Living in another body. long time to wind you can heal. There the prisoners are good doctors, caring nurses and better equipment, curious, but has recently been identified only two cases of tuberculosis. Two more examples. In 2008, the diet of the prisoners were put food supplements, which, according to specialists, reduce stress. But in jail in Rotterdam have gone further. As an experiment, there is, of course, under the supervision of physicians, through the ventilation system were spray reagent called "orange flavor." According to experts, the smell in humans is associated with health and freshness, and thus reduces their aggressiveness. In turn, this will save on sedatives. Only fences spoil the view at this resort. How to get to the Dutch prison? For example the pair have stayed in jail two weeks CSKA fans after the match with "Herenfeen" in the Uefa Cup. Supervisors train to pick on guests and ended a fight. 

Our rules are not violated, but resisted police. Another feature of the Netherlands penitentiary system - floating prisons. They appeared because in 2007 the country was choking from the influx of illegal immigrants. Despite the fact that for the year were deported 20,000 undocumented persons, their number continued to grow. That's when it was decided to establish three floating prisons in Rotterdam, and Dordehte Zaanreme - only 576 prisoners. Construction of these forts to the ground opposed the locals, making a protest. In memory of every prisoner leaves the impression of his face, never to return here no more. And one more interesting detail: in the Dutch legislation has no article on which the prisoner can receive an additional sentence for escape . 

And this school building, where you can brush up on while sitting. According to the statistics for the 2009-2010 year, 94 people per 100 000 people were in Türmen, in Finland, the lowest figure - there is 60 people per 100 000. curious position of servants of Themis. If the judge wants the defendant had served five years, he sentenced him to seven. And for good behavior just two thirds of the plane. Another principle of the prison system - the one who stole the purse, should not sit together with a rapist or a murderer. Hall, Room religions. Recently, some miscreants robbed the prison - pulled out of the camera TV! Prisons in the Netherlands zapoleneny by 86% - this is one of the lowest rates in Europe, the biggest in Bulgaria - they are filled to 155%, then goes to Italy and Cyprus. classroom. When I went to the prison, it drove a brand new Opel. Out of the car came well-dressed man with a suitcase and kissed the woman sitting behind relem, and went to the checkpoint. - Who is it? - I asked the guard - This is one of the prisoners. He returns from vacation. Once a month you can go home on weekends.

The prison in the Netherlands 

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